About Us

Though joining the industry relatively late in the field of mattress-pillow-bed sheet, Diamond Mattress has risen to become the leading brand in the furniture industry for resorts.

To compete with other businesses in the same industry, Diamond Mattress Company strives to invest in new technology, expand the market and implement many policies to attract well-qualified human resources, constantly seek to learn and create to rise up with your own internal force.


Core values

Pure Vietnamese products – International quality:

Let the world’s largest and most prestigious certifiers such as TUV (Germany), SGS (Swiss), ISPA (USA), OEKO-TEX (Switzerland), QMS (Australia) tell you the story of our products’ quality.

A wide variety of products:

To the Diamond Mattress, when you sleep, we are awake to think of how to create a “sleep for you”; not all sleep is the same, sleep is not merely sleep – but it is relaxation and enjoyment. Any questions about sleep are promptly answered anytime at Diamond Mattress.


With the lodestar: “Health is gold – Sleep is diamond”, Diamond Mattress is hopefully a cure for a third of your life quietly and consistently.


Current Efforts – Future Making – Sustainable Development

We respect the partner units and the system of more than 3000 agents nationwide are trusting, sticking together in the development of Diamond Mattress, and all customers – wise consumers who have long supported our company. We are ready to take off in the international market, as a growing diamond family. Together we will tell international friends the story entitled “Vietnamese Sleep Care – International Quality Pride”.

Development Orientation

Become a trusted and loved brand.

Mix in with the life of customers.

Develop the abundant potential of parallel partners.

Establish global standards in technology and manufacturing processes

Arouse passion and pride in everyone.

A leading brand for success.

Everything we do is governed by a series of strong brand values: customer passion, excellence, and trendsetter of the lifestyle.


Compared with other businesses in the same industry, the Diamond Mattress is classified as “late birth”, but after 8 years of development, Diamond Mattress has risen to become the leading brand in the resort sector with yearly turnover of about 1200 billion, and average growth rate of 25%.

Diamond Mattress Trading – Production Company Limited has 4 factories in both North and South of Vietnam with total area of ​​over 30 hectares and has invested in the most modern production line in the world. The family of mattresses now has more than 3,000 agents across the country committed to develop together and be trusted by millions of customers.

The staff of Diamond Mattress now has more than 1,200 people, including Ph.D., masters, bachelors and labors with high professional skills, rich experience and creativity.

Products of Diamond Mattress have conquered big corporations such as: Hoa Phat Group, Hoa Sen Group, Metro Vietnam Group, Me Linh Plaza Group, Parkson Trade Center, Hilton Hotel, Hotel Hai Tien Green, Sheraton Hotel, Vinpeal Hotel, Distributor 190 degrees Furniture, Furniture Golden Furniture, Asia Paradise Hotel.

With the philosophy “Quality must go together with excellent customer service”, Diamond mattress is also the brand that always has the best warranty and warranty time. Leader of Diamond Matters always affirms: With a vision of becoming a prestigious and devoted manufacturer of high-grade mattresses-pillows-bed sheet, our company always pursues the philosophy of constantly raising product quality and excellent service to best serve customers and bring sleep ” Comfort every minute, health every second”, increase the spiritual value and the need to enjoy more and more of customers in modern life.


Nowadays, Diamond Mattress has invested the most modern machineries and world-class production lines to produce a full range of products: rubber, cotton, embroidery, etc. Diamond Mattress is also the first brand in Vietnam capable of providing comprehensive sleep solutions for customers.

Currently, Kim Cuong Mattress Trading Company Limited offers 24 lines of products with over 84 sleep products including:

6 mattress lines with 16 products

  • Natural Rubber Mattress (One-sided Happy Gold Mattress, Massage Mattress, Double-sided Diamond Luxury Mattress)
  • Latex mattress (Cotton Latex Platium, Titanium; Gappa Mousse Latex, box-spring latex Platium and Gold)
  • Synthetic latex mattress (4D fabric Diamond mattress)
  • Spring mattress (pocketed coil mattress – Platium, Gold, Acness)
  • Cotton mattress (Dolsan, Acness, Brocade Velvet)
  • Foam rubber mattress (luxury CNC, luxury airy mattress, 2 piece or 3 piece mattress with foam velvet cover)

3 pillow lines with 21 products

  • Natural latex pillows (Siny A – B, Ner, Ovany (single or double), Massa, latex cushion, sloping latex pillow, Honey, Massa A – B and Massa No for 3D fabric in close box)
  • Professional latex pillow (car headrest, car backrest, necklace, large positioner, Siny B68)
  • Pillow (Horizontal, Title, Embrace)

7 lines with 23 bed products

  • Smart Deluxe (Smart Beds 01 – 02)
  • Traditional Bed (Tradition 01 – 02 – 03 – 04 – 05 – 06)
  • Luxury Beds (Chic Bed 01 – 02 – 03 – 04 – 05 – 06 – 07)
  • Modern Beds (Modern 01 – 02 – 03 – 04 – 05)
  • Comfort Bed (Comfort 01 – 02)
  • Beds for Hotel
  • Baby bed (bed for baby boy and baby girl)

2 lines of bed sheet with 3 products

  • Satin and Cotton cover sheet
  • Tencel fitted sheet

2 lines of mattress, pillows for little baby

  • High quality bed sets for baby (5 in 1)- Diamond Angle
  • Latex pillow for baby (animal pillow, mini positioner, small positioner, Ovany nini pillow, Ovany H75 pillow)

4 lines of product for projects(hotels, resorts, …)

  • Royal Sence (Royal Sence 01 – 02 – 03)
  • Springs Beauty Plus (01 – 02)
  • Luxury foam rubber mattress (Permium Life, Sleep Expert 01 – 02)
  • Bed accessories (mattress protector, bed slats, divan)
  • The tailored products (blankets, pillows, cushions, tables, chairs, sofas, couches, , curtains, towel sets, cloaks, slippers, …)

With the only gold: “The health of gold, sleep is Diamond”, our life-long target is to provide competitive products of the best quality and bring our customers the most satisfaction.


Thanks to prompt high-tech application in production, our company has grown to one of “the most confident and independent” mattress entrepreneurs to meet tough quality requirements of goods.

The product line of the diamond from the rubber mattress, the xoan xoan, making the making mouse or muting the highest quality, make the health of the consumer use.

Achieving 10 well-reputed international accreditations in mattress industry is a commitment to quality, safe sleep care products that Diamond brings to Vietnamese users. It is also boarding pass for our products to reach the world.


  1. Most product lines: 24 lines and 84 products
  2. Achieved the most international certificates: 10 certificates.
  3. The longest mattress warranty: 12 years
  4. Diamond Luxury – The first mattress to move in Vietnam
  5. Vietnam record for durability (without deformation with 500 jumpers after 8 hours)
  6. Smart Diamond: The first intelligent control bed in Vietnam


Kim Cuong Mattress Trading – Production Company Limited

Manufacturing: Blankets, Bed sheets, Pillows, Beds, Furniture

Slogan: “Health is gold, sleep is diamond”

Hotline: 1900.55.55.10

Address of Diamond Cushion showrooms:

  • Ho Chi Minh City Showroom: 462 – 464 Nguyen Oanh Street, Ward 6, Go Vap District – Telephone: (0283) 895 2807
  • Haiphong Showroom: 384 To Hieu, Le Chan District – Telephone: (0213) 3955111
  • Showroom Hanoi: 211 Phung Hung, Phuc La, Ha Dong Dist. – Telephone: (0243) 3120 900
  • Da Nang Showroom: 05 Pham Hung St., Hoa Xuan Ward, Cam Le Dist. – (0236) .368.7876
  • Phu Quoc Showroom: 68 Tuyen Tranh Boulevard, Suoi Da Ward, Duong To Commune, Phu Quoc District, Kien Giang Province – 0936.971.830