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"After 9 years of establishing and developing period (2010 – 2019), we have studied the market to grasp the psychology and consumer tastes of Vietnamese people, to become a leading brand in the resort furniture industry."



Diamond Mattress Trading & Manufacturing Co., Ltd currently has 2 big factories in both Northern and Southern Vietnam with the total area of over 30 hectares, which have been invested in the world most advanced production lines. Diamond Mattress has more than 2000 agents all over the country that are committed to developing together.

With the motto of "Making good use of the advantages of available technology and nature, creating the most unique and quality products, bringing common values to the community", Diamond Mattress has gone in the right direction  and become to be a one of the pioneering brands with Green Living - Sleep Organic trend to millions of Vietnamese families. We are also one of the brands with the best guarantee and warranty now.  

Determine the vision to become a reputable manufacturer of Mattress - Bed - Pillow – Drapery - Sofa in the market, Diamond Mattress always make an effort to improve existing products quality and services to bring you the most wonderful sleep experience according to the criteria "Health is Gold - Sleep is Diamond".

Diamond Mattress currently has 2 sub-brands with specific product lines including: Diamond Angel for babies and Diamond Luxury, which is a high-class  vacuum packed mattress,well known as the first "walkable" mattress in Vietnam. Hopefully, in the future ,we hope to become a support companion with all of our valued partners.

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Core value


Product variety


Core values: Prestigious Professional Association & Certification Organizations in the World  such as TUV (Germany), SGS (Switzerland), ISPA (United States), OEKO-TEX (Switzerland) ), QMS (Australia), will be on  behalf of  the Diamond Mattress telling you the story of our product quality.

Current effort - Future creation - Sustainable development 

We always respect all of  partners and more than 2000 agents in Vietnam  who are trusting, in deep connection , developing with Diamond Mattress, and all customers - smart consumers who give us the confidence of product comsumptions  . We are ready to take off in the international market, for a growing Diamond family. Together we will tell international friends a story called "Vietnamese sleep care products - Proud of international quality"

For Diamond Mattresses, when you sleep, we are awake to think about how to create a good sleep  for yourself " ,all sleep is not the same, sleep is not simple as a normal sleep - but  it is also the relaxation and experience. All solutions for good sleep in Diamond  Mattress are available & in consultancy service 24/7.

With the guideline :  "Health is Gold - Sleep is Diamond" , Diamond mattress takes care of your sleep, which is also cherish one-third of your life silently and steadily.

Oriented development


Providing international high quality products in interior fields.


Bringing the convenience to consumers and optimal solutions for luxury resorts


Delivering safe products for human health and environmental friendliness.


Improving modern production lines to meet the strict product requirements of all partners and customers.


Creating the best working environment to attract highly qualified and skilled human resources to our team.


Keeping pace with customers and developing the abundant potential for all partners with the philosophy: The quality product & excellent customer service must go hand in hand.